Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When I went to the Humane Society to get a kitten, there wasn't many to choose from. I wanted a black kitten because I love black cats. I miss my black cats I had for over 10 yrs.

Then I saw Duncan. Duncan had a long tail. He looked like a monkey because his tail was abnormally long. He had such a skinny body with long legs. He wasn't a cute kitten. There was something about him that I liked.

He's still proving to be an odd cat. Each day he runs to the bath tub if anyone is taking a shower/bath. He'll wait and stare at the shower curtain. The other day, he went into the bathtub with 1 inch of water.

Today, he went into the water for about 4 minutes as my 5 yr old was taking a bath. I ran to get my camera. For some odd reason, I'm sure I'll have more opportunities to photograph him in the bathtub.

Which is stranger... a cat that likes water or a pigeon that likes to be petted? My cat thinks he's a dog and my pigeon thinks he's a cat.

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