Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lack of snooze button on my alarm cat...

Yes, my cat still continues to be my alarm cat, including weekends. However, for the past week, his timing has been off by 30 minutes. 30 minutes shouldn't be a big deal. I should welcome the 30 minutes. I could work out with the Wii Fit for 30 minutes.

...but at 4:30 am?

This morning, he tried to wake me up at 4:30 am. I refused. He batted my face with his paw and gave a loud "Meow". When he first started doing this, I thought it was cute. At 4:30 am for the past week, he needs a snooze button.

He tried for 10 minutes. I just put the cover over my head. He got the message. He left.

5:09 am, he tried again. This time, during his usual loud "MEOW", he stretched and I started to feel his claw going through my thigh.
I knew what was next. He bumps his head against my face. When that doesn't stir me up, he sits on my face. He's a strange cat.

He did get what he wanted. I was drinking coffee by 5:12 am.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cow Eggs 4 Sale

(Ok, these are pigeon eggs. Pigeon eggs are about 1 inch)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ode to Mo Willems, a pigeon person

As my 3rd grader would say, "The only people that do not like pigeons, are pigeon haters."

True. Although, since we have a pigeon, we've grown to love pigeons. Since our pigeon adopted us (Peck, the pigeon, flew in our house), she's learned to yell louder for her demands (she likes quiet when she's trying to lay an egg).

We are pigeon people. We love the Mo Willems books. My 3rd grader made this pigeon out of clay as an ode to pigeons around the world.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's on your Ipod?

My top 20 songs on my Ipod: (no particular order)

1. "Photograph" by Emily Lord
2. "Beautiful World" The Mary Dream
3. "How Could I ask for More" Cindy Morgan
4. "I don't want to live on the Moon" Shawn Colvin (Elmopalooza)
5. "I hope you dance" Lee Ann Womack
6. "Into the Mystic" Van Morrison
7. "Home" Michael Bublea
8. "Pictures of You" The Cure
9."Ready, Set, Don't Go" Billy Ray Cyrus
10."There goes my life" Kenny Chesney
11."This one's for the girls" Martina McBride
12. "To Make you Feel My Love" Garth Brooks
13. "What a Wonderful World" Luis Armstrong
14. "The World I know" Collective Soul
15. "Your Song" Elton John
16. "Tell Me You'll Be There" Everyday Sunday
17-20 JAMES BLUNT!!! (Love him!!)

I love a variety of music from "Fur Elise" Beethoven to Rock. My favorite kids music is from "Elmopalooza". I have all those songs on my Ipod. I listen to them WITHOUT kids around.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Duncan, the cat

Two days, two gallons later, I am done with painting! Wish I could say the same about our bathroom. I can say that Duncan, the cat, did not fall through the cracks... or should I say get stuck in between floors. He tried.
He also tried to attack my paint brush. He was constantly hanging out by my paint bucket. He bit me a few times I walked by. He loves give 'love bites'. Love? To him. To me, it's a bite.

Paws near my head. He did smack me with them a few times (no claws were used).

Watched me as I was painting the window sill. He took a moment to look at the dogs.

I've never seen him lick.

He heard a noise! (Have no idea, but he didn't leave).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

An image I wish wasn't mine.

I've been 'busy' with life. MY BATHROOM! Hopefully by the end of today, I will have a new bathroom. The 'thing' that we are most worried about is the cat trying to explore. We could see him getting stuck between the floors.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Marley and Me

I love going to the movies. Although, with children, it's not always realistic (making sure it's rated PG, if I have a baby-sitter, etc).

Today, I promised the kids that we would go see a movie. We've been working on the house. Long story short. Water damage in the bathroom. We are replacing the sub-floors, toilet, and cabinet. I'm painting my bedroom, my husband is doing the bathroom (never done it, but he's extremely handy).

The kids wanted to see "Marley and Me". The trailer of the Owen Wilson trying to hold onto Marley, as Marley tried to escape out of a moving car... that part made them want to see the movie.

I heard that it's a tear-jerker. Most of the movie, I laughed. If you haven't seen the movie, you will quickly get why it's a tear-jerker. Yes, I cried.

See, 2 yrs ago we went through "the last 20 minutes of the movie" with our dog, Bourbon. Bourbon was our 'first' son. He was such a rambunctious
puppy. He ate many shoes of mine. He would ALWAYS get into garbage. I would often find a trail of coffee grinds all over our house.. on my carpet!
He was that way until he passed away. We loved him, but at times he frustrated us.

We also had to tell him 'good-bye'. I watched him take his last breaths.

So the movie brought back all those old feelings. Remembering how over-whelmed I was with a dog and small children. Also thinking about Bourbon's love for us. How protective over he was with the kids. Always thinking he would be with us forever.

I had the privilege of taking his last photo. This was done on the day we said "good-bye" to him. He was looking out the french doors. I knew he wanted to go. I told him it was ok. I have this exact photo in my living room. It makes me smile and remember only how much I loved him.