Friday, January 2, 2009

Marley and Me

I love going to the movies. Although, with children, it's not always realistic (making sure it's rated PG, if I have a baby-sitter, etc).

Today, I promised the kids that we would go see a movie. We've been working on the house. Long story short. Water damage in the bathroom. We are replacing the sub-floors, toilet, and cabinet. I'm painting my bedroom, my husband is doing the bathroom (never done it, but he's extremely handy).

The kids wanted to see "Marley and Me". The trailer of the Owen Wilson trying to hold onto Marley, as Marley tried to escape out of a moving car... that part made them want to see the movie.

I heard that it's a tear-jerker. Most of the movie, I laughed. If you haven't seen the movie, you will quickly get why it's a tear-jerker. Yes, I cried.

See, 2 yrs ago we went through "the last 20 minutes of the movie" with our dog, Bourbon. Bourbon was our 'first' son. He was such a rambunctious
puppy. He ate many shoes of mine. He would ALWAYS get into garbage. I would often find a trail of coffee grinds all over our house.. on my carpet!
He was that way until he passed away. We loved him, but at times he frustrated us.

We also had to tell him 'good-bye'. I watched him take his last breaths.

So the movie brought back all those old feelings. Remembering how over-whelmed I was with a dog and small children. Also thinking about Bourbon's love for us. How protective over he was with the kids. Always thinking he would be with us forever.

I had the privilege of taking his last photo. This was done on the day we said "good-bye" to him. He was looking out the french doors. I knew he wanted to go. I told him it was ok. I have this exact photo in my living room. It makes me smile and remember only how much I loved him.

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Sindea Horste said...

Cat- what a great post. I enjoyed the movie but am glad I did not see it with the kids. Your photo of Bourbon is beautiful.